Thrift Store Graces - Finding God's Gifts in the Midst of the Mess

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Jane Knuth, author of the popular Thrift Store Saints, is back with another book full of her personal accounts of experiences serving as a once reluctant, now enthusiastic volunteer at a Saint Vincent de Paul thrift store in Kalamazoo, Michigan—Thrift Store Graces: Finding God's Gifts in the Midst of the Mess. In Thrift Store Graces, Knuth introduces us to some far more challenging personal situations that emerge as a result of her volunteer work—where she learns that when we help the poor, they end up helping us. Additionally, she invites us to join her as she hesitantly embarks on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in war-torn Bosnia. Through it all, her delightful sense of humor keeps her going, along with her conviction that some of God's greatest gifts come disguised as difficulties. Witty, inspiring, and thought-provoking all at once, the stories in Thrift Store Graces subtly compel us to redefine what it means to volunteer and to rethink why it is that we volunteer in the first place.