Privacy Policy

General Principles:
The Medjugorje Web respects the privacy of our subscribers, pilgrims, customers, visitors to our web site, and those who e-mail us. The Medjugorje Web never sells or shares personal details (including e-mail addresses) with third parties.

Sending of E-mail Messages:
The Medjugorje Web sends two emails per month to our members, which contain Our Lady's monthly message and the reflection on the message written by Fr. Ljubo or Fr. Danko who are local priests from the parish of Medjugorje. We also send occasional (1-3 per year) emails with special announcements about Medjugorje, our organization, or our web site.

In All Cases:
Messages are sent in plain text format containing no objects, JavaScript or embedded code.

Users who request removal from our email list are ALWAYS removed.
Addresses which continually bounce are automatically removed.
You can remove yourself at any time from: or by e-mailing me at