This is the Faith

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by: Canon Francis Ripley

A priest friend brought us a copy of This Is the Faith with the endorsement that this is the best book he had ever seen for instructing people in the Faith - whether converts or those whose education in the Faith has not been complete, or who just want a review. Once we read it, we had to agree! This book is at once complete and thorough, but also easy to read and very intelligible. Here is a book you can confidently give to friends and relatives inquiring about what the Church teaches and know it is excellent and will not be dry, long-winded or over their heads.

This Is the Faith covers everything the convert or inquirer needs to know about the Catholic faith, and does so with a thoroughness that is at once completely satisfying, but never trying. Moreover, its approach is always dignified, reverent and commanding of respect. The result is that the reader will garner a true picture of the reasonableness, thoroughness and beauty of the Catholic religion that - with grace - will all but guarantee the assent of his will if he approaches the book with honesty and integrity. This book belongs in every Catholic home. It is unparalleled as a review, as a catch-up course for the poorly informed, or as an introduction to the truth of the Catholic Faith for converts. Great, sadly needed and destined to do great good in our time!