Jesus of the Divine Mercy

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Beautiful statue of Jesus of the Divine Mercy.

The statue is available in two sizes. The shorter statue measures approximately 10-3/4" tall and the base is 3-3/4" in diameter. The taller statue measures 16-1/4" tall and the base is 5-1/4" in diameter.

The statue is made from bonded Carrera marble and alabaster. The base of the statue is made from wood and includes an "A Santini" label as a mark of authenticity. 

The Santini family guarantees that this figure manufactured inside their workrooms, painted and completely finished by hand following the tradition of Capodimonte style, was made out of an original masterpiece molded by their own sculptors respecting the very old artistic Italian tradition that great masters handed on from father to son until today. Possible small imperfections prove the quality of the artisan work and guarantee the originality of the manufacturing. These statues are not blessed.