David Parkes - "We Stand for God"

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Recording these familiar, favorite hymns took David Parkes back to his teenage years when, as a choir boy at St Paul's Church in the heart of Dublin, rehearsal was on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in preparation of High Mass on Sundays. Another memory brought to mind was the first Saturday of each month when the children would gather for their sodality meeting at Holy Angel's Church. With 1000 girls on the left side of the church and 999 boys, plus David, on the right, they would sing "We Stand for God" and "Faith of Our Fathers" at the top of their voices!

Track List:
1. Sing Hosanna
2. Amazing Grace
3. Queen Of The May
4. O Sacrament Most Holy
5. Angels We Have Heard On High
6. The Lord Is My Shepherd
7. We Stand For God - mp3
8. He Is Lord
9. Down By The Riverside
10. Holy God
11. Sweet Sacrament Divine
12. Praise Him
13. Come Bless The Lord
14. Faith Of Our Fathers