Bob Gardners' - "Gospa" The Conversion Experience

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Copyright 2001 Bob Gardner CD

In 1981 six Croatian youth reported that Our Lady, the Mother of Jesus Christ, appeared to them in their Mountain village of Medjugorje. They claim that Gospa has been bringing them messages for the whole world and they say that she continues to appear to them to this very day.

This album is a musical presentation of their story. The singers assume the roles of Mother Mary and the six visionaries of Medjugorje.If what the visionaries tell us is true then this is not just their story but our story and your story. This is a musical presentation to, and for, all the children of God who are seeking their way home to heaven. Through this music Our Mother is calling each of us to her Son, for He is The Way home where our Heavenly Father prepares a banquette to celebrate our home coming. Listen with your heart. Can you hear your Mother calling you?

Track List:
1. Battlehymn Of Love (Army Of God) - mp3
2. MESSAGE (Home Is Heaven)
3. The Message
4. MESSAGE (God's Plan For You)
5. Queen Of Heaven
6. MESSAGE (Decide For God)
7. Canticle of Love (Nurturing Grace)
8. MESSAGE (The Way Of Holiness)
9. Our Mother's Blessing
10. MESSAGE (Witness My Presence)
11. Battlehymn Of Love (War In The Heartland)
12. MESSAGE (Prayer And Renunciation)
13. The Serpent's Plan
14. MESSAGE (Pray)
15. Canticle Of Love (A Pleading Heart)
16. MESSAGE (Be A Fountain Of Love)
17. The Father's Plan
18. MESSAGE (I Love You)
19. Battlehymn Of Love (The Final Stand)
20. MESSAGE (Carriers Of Good)
21. Be The Land
22. MESSAGE (Open Your Heart To Jesus)
23. Canticle of Love (The Lamb Upon The Throne)
24. MESSAGE (Unity With Him)
25. Complete Love
26. MESSAGE (You Must Love)
27. Summer Of '88
28. MESSAGE (According To His Love)
29. Revelation's Harvest
30. MESSAGE (Witness That You Live For Jesus)
31. Work In The Spirit AUDIO