Our Lady of Medjugorje Prayer Card

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Laminated prayercard with gold foil accents. The front of the prayer card is shown. Measures 2 1/2" x 4 1/2".

The back of the prayer card reads as follows:

Prayer To

Our Lady of Medjugorje

O Mother of mine, Mother of goodness, 

love and mercy! I love you immensely,

and I offer myself to you.

By means of your goodness,

your love and your grace, save me.

I desire to be yours.

I love you immensely,

and desire that you protect me.

From the depth of my heart I ask you,

Mother of goodness, give me your goodness.

Let me gain heaven by means of it.

I pray you, by your immense love, 

to give me the grace so that I may love every

person as you have loved Jesus Christ.

I pray you to give me the grace

to love your will, when it differs from mine.

I offer myself completely to you

and ask you to be with me in my every step.

You are full of grace,

and I desire that I will never forget this.

And if, by change, I should lose grace,

I pray you to restore it to me once more. Amen.